IOOF Cemetery Cleanup

The IOOF Cemetery here in Lebanon was the site of a workday by the men of Our Savior’s on Thursday June 11th. The cool wet weather that we have been experiencing has been ideal conditions for the growth of grass (and weeds!). Our group tackled one small section of the cemetery cutting back around the memorials and mowing the long lanes of grass. In addition we had a woman from the Rotary Club who helped us with cleaning up the weeds around the memorials.

Gary whacking weeds
Sid cutting down weeds. This photo shows how really overgrown the weeds were!
Dennis in his happy place on his Kubota
Terry making a second pass picking up the grass cut by Dennis.
Our lone Rotarian cleaning up the memorials.
Val brought his big trailer to haul off the debris.
A big improvement from when we started!
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