2022 Annual Meeting

On March 13th Our Savior’s held its Annual Meeting to approve new Council members, approve the 2022 OSLC budget and to inform the Congregation about our current discussions about discerning  our Mission as we move forward.

Attending members initialed their names on a clipboard that was passed around. After twenty-six members had signed we obtained a quorum and the meeting was started. Pastor Sarah opened the meeting with prayer.

Acting President, Elaine Fillmore, chaired the meeting. Sid Carter, Doug Snell and Gary Cooper were nominated and approved to Council positions for a three year term. The 2022 OSLC Church Council officers consists of the following: President – Doug Snell, Vice President – Justin Jorgensen, Secretary – Mark Keller, and Treasurer – Dick Parrish. Jerry Latimer will be working closely with Dick so can take over the position when he is ready so Dick can step down. Rounding out the Council are Elaine Fillmore, Vanessa Papalazaros, Liz Wieland and Dave Proper. Mary Latimer was congratulated for faithfully having served two three year term on Council. A special thanks to Elaine Fillmore for filling in as Acting President when we transitioned from Justin to Doug!

Our Treasurer, Dick Parrish presented the 2022 budget and answered questions concerning before the Congregation approved the budget. The annual reports had been mailed to the Congregation before the meeting and any question concerning them were addressed.

Doug Snell spoke to the ongoing mission discussion as we work to find our path to the future. He  answered questions about the status of the Garden property and stated that the Council has given itself a deadline of Easter this year to make a decision regarding the Garden and make a recommendation to  the Congregation for them to act upon.

Doug also remarked on the progress of the status of funneling aid and money to friends in Poland who have been helping to support the flood of refugees from the Ukraine. Peoples support has been overwhelming!

A motion was made for closing the meeting and was approved.

Pastor Sarah closed the meeting with prayer.


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